About Us

DR. Mahfuzur Rahman  
Chairman of ATN Group

Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman Chairman of ATN E-MART Ltd.
Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman started his career as a TV personality and later worked as a vice chairman for the channel. His work loved by the team and selected as the Chairman.

Note: As a Chairman of the company which is mostly preferred nationally and internationally by taking the role of “strategical service partner” in the fields of service and product supply of institutions and organizations other than main activity areas with an experienced management staff and knowledge. To become the innovative beauty brand that closest to the women.

We will offer customers proper solutions and value recommendations through the truest channel by understanding needs and expectations ATN E-Mart Ltd. is of them, reaches a wide variety of products to customers quickly and efficiently through alternative distribution channels, operates with sustainable profitability & offer a wide range of colorful, high quality products based on women’s expectations.

Abdul Matin Khan

Deputy Managing Director (D.M.D)

I am Abdul Matin Khan. I am very happy to be associated with ATN E-MART Organization.

 Note: I would like to take this institution forward according to the instruction of my honorable chairman Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman  from my side. I can stablished the business in human welfare.

 On my Part I would like to thank all those who are familiar with ATN E-MART product and have used our product. Inshaallah we will market our product with proper quality control.

MD. Badsha Alamgir 
CEO of ATN E-Mart 

Note: ATN e-mart ltd. Cosmetics' mission, vision & values motivate 100% of MAC Cosmetics employees. Besides getting paid, the “company mission” is the most important thing about their work for 14% of employees at ATN e-mart ltd. Cosmetics. 11% of employees say that the main reason they stay at ATN e-mart ltd. Cosmetics is because of the MAC Cosmetics company mission.