Effective in curing hemorrhoids or piles. Naturally removes piles.
It also acts as an antiseptic to remove burns.
Reduces dryness and works to keep skin hydrated and soft.

Active ingredients:

Each 100mg contains:

• Sonapata extract: 45 mg
• Hamelis virginiana: 15 mg
• White soft paraffin BP: 20 mg
• Liquid Paraffin BP: 20 mg

Terms of Use:

A thin film of the cream should be applied slowly to the anus. It should be applied twice daily at night before going to bed and after bowel movement in the morning.
Restrictions: It is good to eat beef, duck eggs, prawns, hilsa and boal fish and manur. It is necessary to eat fruits and vegetables. If you can sing a cup of sadness before going to bed at night, anger.

Store in a dry and cool place away from light.
And keep out of reach of children.
Store below 30°C.
Note: Use less quantity of organic products.